Conference Room Rental

Call or email Lisa Johnson with questions 605-642-6668


    700 square feet and includes: 

  • Seating for 48 people. Table & chairs are provided
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Public Restrooms  
  Half day Full day

Rental Costs:

5 hours Over 5 hours
Nonprofit group $30 $60
Social Events $45 $90
Commercial group $60 $120


  Half day Full day

Additional Features for a Fee:

5 hours Over 5 hours
  • Overhead Projector and/or TV w/DVD available during office hours only
$10 $20
  • Kitchen with stove, microwave and dishwasher
$30 $60
  • Set up and/or tear down if requested that PHT setup tables and chairs
$50 $50


Security Deposit

A separate check for the same amount of the rental cost is due within 48 hours of reserving the space and will be returned after the room has been inspected by PHT staff.


Room without Kitchen $30 $60
Room plus Kitchen $40 $80


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RENTAL AGREEMENT  Click here to complete