Assisted Living Residents

Independence means being able to be free to go anywhere

CALL 605-642-6668 to schedule your trips

Lift-equipped vehicle
Safe and Reliable
Trained Drivers who will assist riders with boarding and departure with lifts, ramps and securement system.  A rider can have a personal care attendant ride for free when the rider needs assistance with other personal needs 
If your Medicaid benefits include transportation, the cost of your trips to all health care related appointments (pharmacy trips are not eligible) will be submitted directly to Medicaid for payment by Prairie Hills Transit who is an authorized South Dakota Medicaid transportation provider.


FARES - required for personal trips and medical appointments for those who don't have medicaid transportation


Ambulatory riders (not using a wheel chair or scooter) is $2.50 per trip.  
Non-ambulatory riders(using a wheel chair or scooter) is $3.50 per trip.
$6.00 per trip for a Wheel chair or medical equipment brought or returned by PHT that is used to assist in transporting a rider and is payable by the rider when they board

Out of town

Follow the guidelines for each service area schedule, the city-to-city fare will apply.  If the trip is scheduled outside the service area regular schedule, special trip cost will apply.  Call for 605-642-6668

Fares may be paid in a number of ways.

• Give cash or check to the driver to be put in the fare box.

• Purchase 20 tokens to carry or have PHT Administration keep track of the use.

• Resident could set up a monthly billing statement with a $5.00 service fee.

How to schedule your ride

• 24 hours in advance is required. 

• Same day requests are handled by what service is available.

• Use the online Ride Request form 

• Contact us to book your ride 

Dispatch office hours are Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm.Call 605-642-6668 or 1-877-673-3687 for information