About Us

Welcome to Prairie Hills Transit (PHT)

PHT is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing public transportation for persons of all ages, including those who may require specialized transportation. PHT offers a service with direct pick-up and specific-destination delivery on clean, comfortable, handicap-accessible buses complete with seat belts and a calmer atmosphere. Prairie Hills Transit is a non-discriminatory agency, Title VI notice to the public. Contact PHT at 605-642-6668 for more information. 

Our Mission

West River Transit Authority, Inc., dba Prairie Hills Transit will promote, support, and deliver safe and efficient public and specialized transportation for patrons in its service area.  West River Transit Authority, Inc. (WRTA) will continue to explore all technology that will promote the efficiency of the organization and its consumers.

Our Vision

West River Transit Authority, Inc. will provide a unified direction for the changing transportation needs within its focus.

Service is available to meet the needs of all people in your community, not just a specialized population. Many think the buses are for the elderly and the handicapped. But our service is intended to provide non-emergency medical transportation, as well as trips for shopping, banking, and nutrition. Critical medical needs such as dialysis, physical therapy or other scheduled appointments are easily accommodated as well.

In addition to medical trips, our drivers take riders to work, school, daycare, volunteer activities, and even to social events. And with the only requirement being at least a day’s notice for scheduling, the service is very affordable for riders – especially the elderly who ride by donation.

Because Prairie Hills Transit is a nonprofit organization, we keep it affordable for riders with help and funding from local government entities, grants, and businesses and individuals that choose to support our important mission.

Many of us take for granted our ability to drive or move freely. But for those who are unable to drive, or who have mobility challenges, we want to provide continued reliable, affordable and safe transportation. Our lift-equipped vehicles and trained drivers allow flexibility for the myriad of activities that both physically able and those with physical/mental challenges complete each day.

We offer opportunities for continued independence for everyone – especially single-car families, seniors who can’t drive, and parents who need to get children to daycare, school or afterschool activities. Modern, well-maintained lift-equipped vehicles and trained drivers provide demand-response transportation using a 24-hour advance-notice-requested service.

Our goal is to keep people in the community while allowing them the flexibility to access services that may not be offered in their home community.

Prairie Hills Transit is a non-discriminatory agency, Title VI notice to the public and 990 Form Notice to Public
 Contact PHT at 605-642-6668 for more information. Notice to public 2021 AuditCasting binding love spell that works, powerful love spell caster, magic love spells that work real magic spell, casting simple white love spells at home.Darknet investigator James Carpenter reports that there has been minimal change in darknet marketplaces over the past three years. Despite this, several marketplaces have introduced new cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.