Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are committed to making Prairie Hills Transit the best transit system possible. Please help us by filling out this survey.

1. How often do you use our service?

2. For what do you use our transportation service? (check any that apply)

3. How would you rate the affordability of the service?

4. Was your last ride on time?

If no, how early or late was the vehicle?

5. How would you rate Prairie Hills Transit's dispatching/customer service (courteousness; telephone handling; information; ease of scheduling/cancellations; etc.)?

6. How would you rate Prairie Hills Transit's drivers (appearance; assistance; courteousness; handling of securements; knowledge of streets and locations; etc.)

7. How would you rate PHT vehicles (cleanliness; heating/cooling; lift equipment if applicable; safety)?

8. Would you use online debit/credit card payments?

9. Do you consider the service user-friendly?

11. How likely are you to use the sevice again?

12. How likely are you to recommend our service to another person?

13. How do you rate your overall satisfaction with the service in the last 90 days?

14. Rider age:

CAREGIVER/FACILITY (or parent) section:
3. How likely would you be to recommend us?